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The long awaited retirement years are here. Whether you entered retirement on your own terms or experienced an early entry into retirement through changes at your employer or the overall business climate, you are now officially retired or semi-retired. Retirement looks differently than it once did for our parents and grandparents. You can likely expect to live a longer, more active retirement. For some that looks like a period of semi-retirement, starting a part-time business, or exploring a new professional path. With so many different possibilities coupled with the importance of planning your estate, it can feel overwhelming on a practical and emotional level. That is why we want you to be equipped with the knowledge to navigate retirement wisely.

Resources for people in retirement

Knowing what your financial life is like in retirement is critical to your ability to enjoy the golden years. Below are resources the experts at Diccianni Financial Group, Inc. know are most important for people just like you who are in retirement.

What You Need to Know About:



Spending and Budgets

Estate Planning

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